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Expecting Rebound After Recent Selloff
Big Ideas for Japanese Small CapsMy newsletter has been featured on TheStreet! This is a breakthrough for me after starting with just 5 subscribers 2 months ago. I really hope i…
Category: Fintech x SaaS. Mkt cap: ¥226.6bn ($2bn), NTM EV/Sales: 12.4x, Gross margin: 73%, 3yr (FY18-FY20) Sales CAGR: 57.5%, Founded: 2012
Category: CRM. Mkt cap: ¥8.7bn ($76mn), NTM EV/Sales: 9.9x, Gross margin: 25.4%, 2yr (FY19-FY20est) Sales CAGR: 30.7%, Founded: 2001
Category: No Code App. Mkt cap: ¥62.5bn ($568mn), NTM EV/Sales: 19.4x, Gross margin: 57.4%, 3yr (FY18-FY20) Sales CAGR: 58.6%, Founded: 2013
Category: Construction Tech. Mkt cap: ¥51.7bn ($470mn), FY20 ARR: ¥1.67bn ($15.2mn), Gross margin: 53.2%, 5yr Sales CAGR: 123%, Founded: 2000
Category: Real Estate Tech. Mkt cap: ¥9.0bn ($82mn), LTM EV/Sales: 3.5x, Gross margin: 99.6%, FY17-FY19 Sales CAGR: -3.3%, Founded: 2005
Category: MarTech, X-Tech. Mkt cap: ¥38.6bn ($351mn), NTM EV/Sales: 2.6x, Gross margin: 55.6%, FY19-FY21e Sales CAGR: 23.2%, Founded: 2007
Category: Space as a Service. Mkt cap: ¥103.1bn, NTM EV/Sales: 3.05x, Gross margin: 38.1%, FY17-19 Sales CAGR 35.2%, Founded: 2005
Category: Ad tech / HR tech, Mkt cap: ¥4.2bn, NTM EV/Sales: 0.92x, Gross margin: 29.1%, 3yr Sales CAGR 10.5%, Founded: 2012
Category: Real estate tech, Mkt cap: ¥12.5bn ($115mn), NTM EV/Sales: 2.43x, Gross margin: 41%, 3yr Sales CAGR 37.5%, Founded: 2009