This is an investment news curation newsletter. I aim to fill the information gap on the Japan market, especially on small cap companies with little or no analyst coverage. While brokerages and sponsored research provide useful information, there is still an information divide between domestic and foreign investors. I aim to fill that gap by providing access to insights that are lost in translation.

Unlocking Opportunities

I believe there is an opportunity in the Japan market that foreign investors may miss without access to the necessary information. Thus, I hope to provide the tools and insights for like-minded investors to consider Japan as a viable option.

For Foreign Investors

The target readers are mainly foreign investors who are new to the Japan market. It also caters to more seasoned investors who would like to get market color on certain topics. I believe in the diversity of views and the value of seeing the same stock or themes from multiple perspectives.

Everything is Free

This newsletter is operated free of charge. Nothing is for profit. I hope you find the information in this newsletter useful for your investment and research.

Keep in Touch

You can reach me directly at or follow me on twitter @teddyokuyama. Finally, please remember to do your own due diligence.